How does it work?

Consultancy might focus on any of three phases of the consultancy cycle

  • diagnosis/design What is happening? Where do you want to be? Where are the gaps? The output might be a report and high level plan.
  • implementation Working with your leaders to deliver a product, for example a learning needs analysis or set of change management standards and guidance.
  • evaluation Measuring the effectiveness of something, identifying areas for ongoing improvement and change. The output might be a report and recommendations grounded in your context.

I have worked with business leaders to deliver:

  • strategy and culture reviews
  • operating model reviews
  • mergers and restructures
  • role design / re-design
  • the design and introduction of new performance management and leadership frameworks

It starts with a discussion to help us to understand what you’d like to achieve and where you are starting from.

Why invest in change consultancy?

We know that the speed of change is accelerating and there are plenty of case studies to demonstrate that organisations who ignore change and do not continuously evolve and improve struggle to survive.

Well managed change can help organisations to:

  • provide leadership development opportunities
  • deliver more efficient and effective ways of working
  • identify, capture and share best practice
  • surface new talent
  • engage stakeholder support
  • shape and move towards a new culture

My approach is to support you to design, implement and evaluate your change programme.  A small investment in time and the right expertise can make the difference.  Change is always unsettling but if managed openly and effectively it is filled with opportunities too.

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 “Liz’s attention to not just the business task at hand but also the personal aspect of this change was invaluable.”