Who is it for?

Coaching can be effective for managers and leaders at all levels who

  • need a strategic thinking partner or an accountability partner
  • are experiencing a major career or leadership transition in their existing organisation or somewhere new
  • need to support others through significant periods of change
  • want to develop their leadership skills or to get a different result in a specific area of their work.

Team coaching can support

  • new teams to explore how to perform at their best quickly
  • existing teams to deliver a stretch goal to target
  • teams who are suffering from ‘change fatigue’ to rediscover their purpose, energy and performance.

I work with clients privately and through their organisations.

How does it work?

Coaching is a facilitated developmental conversation which helps individuals or teams to achieve a specific goal.  I create an environment where clients can step back to reflect, explore, experiment with and then embed new ways of working.

I have experience of coaching with clients on:

  • career management and development
  • senior role transitions and special assignments
  • leading their own business
  • team leadership and management and professional confidence
  • relationship building, interpersonal skills and communication
  • leading team and personal change
  • redundancy management (for individuals affected and their leaders)

My coaching helps my clients to understand what drives their own (and others’) behaviours and this awareness provides the opportunity to make lasting, positive changes to what they do and their performance.

I increase the independence and the potential for continuous growth in those I work with by helping them to develop new skills and techniques.  These can be used again and again and can be cascaded in their own leadership of their teams.

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Why invest in coaching?

Coaching is now widely recognised as one of the most effective personal and professional development interventions you can invest in.  Why? Because effective coaches work with clients on a much deeper level than most development approaches.  This means that coaching deals with the underlying issues and not just the symptoms of those issues.

Research has shown:

  • 700% average return on investment from coaching[1]
  • Organisations whose managers coach demonstrate 21% higher revenues than their competitors[2]
  • Organisations with a coaching culture report higher employee engagement[3]

My clients talk about the impact my coaching has had on my testimonials page.

Director of Education and Skills, Nigeria, Adetomi Soyinka

“I am not sure I can ever properly articulate how much you have helped me.”

[1] ICF (2009) Global Coaching Client Study, Executive Summary, conducted independently by the Association Resource Centre Inc. and PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. ix.

[2] Training Industry Report (2014), November/December Training Magazine, 16-29.

[3] ICF (2017) Building a Coaching Culture with Millennial Leaders conducted with the Human Capital Institute