What if all managers in your organisation were growing the capability, confidence and engagement of everyone they work with each day?

What if they were more self-aware and helped others to continuously reflect and learn?

What would this do to your

  • performance targets
  • bottom-line results
  • talent pipeline
  • retention
  • engagement

and your wider organisational culture?

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Research has demonstrated that coaching

  • delivers an astonishing 700% ROI on average[1]
  • is linked to 21% higher revenues compared to competitors[2]
  • facilitates 7% higher employee engagement than industry peers[3]
  • is a ‘must have’ for Millennials who want coaches who can help them to achieve career goals, not ‘bosses’[4]

Managers will leave this 1.5 day energising workshop confident and able to use coaching as a critical part of their managerial toolkit. They will understand the value of coaching for them, their teams and the wider organisation.

Why invest in this workshop?

The investment case for coaching is now compelling.  The benefits from this workshop include

For the organisation

  • Improved performance because teams are engaged, motivated and led on a deeper, more personal level[3]
  • Leadership time freed up to spend on what’s needed for success tomorrow, not today
  • Adaptable, autonomous, empowered teams who welcome new challenges
  • Leadership role models who influence a culture of helping people to perform at their best
  • A key enabler for growing the internal talent pipeline and succession planning process[4]

For Managers who coach

  • Learning a highly transferrable skill
  • Being an inspirational leader and role model who gets noticed
  • Leaving a legacy with those they work with and for
  • Understanding themselves and others and increasing their professional confidence
  • Freeing up time as their teams start to work more independently

For their teams

  • Observing coaching and effective leadership in action and learning these approaches for themselves
  • Developing the essential career enhancing habits of reflection and continuous learning
  • Polishing up problem-solving, creative thinking and goal-setting skills
  • Understanding themselves and their career aspirations
  • Continuous feedback and the opportunity to adjust performance based on strengths and development needs

Download a workshop outline.

In-house workshops tailored to your specific needs

Aimed at managers who

  • Are moving into team leader positions
  • Want to increase their self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Need to free up time from day to day operations
  • Want to develop a transferrable skill
  • Have valuable experience to share

The 1.5 day workshop covers

  • What coaching is and how it works
  • When to coach for maximum impact
  • Coaching skills and models
  • Strengths and areas for focus
  • Action Planning
  • Practice and feedback, practice and feedback, practice and feedback!

Competitively priced for up to 12 participants.

What are you waiting for?

If you’d like to reap some of these benefits in your organisation let’s get started.  Contact me to register your interest, find out more information and to organise a chat.

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There’ll never be a better time than right now.

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“I can apply this learning to my role.”

“Lots of transferrable info/skills.  Very motivational and well run.”

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[2]Training Industry Report. (2014).  Training Magazine, November/December, 16-29.
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