How does it work?

Effective facilitation brings people together to have productive conversations, to explore issues and to agree a way forward.  I can work with you to ensure that we understand your needs and context and to design and facilitate meetings that help groups to collaborate to deliver clear outputs.

I have facilitated

  • senior leadership team meetings
  • strategy and business planning events
  • talent and performance management assessments
  • team workshops and events
  • focus groups, action learning and peer learning initiatives

I can design and deliver bespoke and engaging training sessions for managers, leaders and HR professionals.  This includes:

  • Coaching skills for managers, leaders and HR managers
  • Managing business change
  • Leadership and performance improvement (e.g. managing difficult conversations, communicating effectively, leading through change).

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Why invest in facilitation and training?

External facilitators focus on managing the process to deliver your business objectives rather than the topic being discussed.  This allows you to contribute fully to discussions knowing that I am monitoring progress and adjusting and re-aligning the process as necessary.  I can help you with preparations to ensure stakeholders are briefed and engaged and to ensure plans are subsequently embedded.

Facilitation can help leaders to:

  • deliver clear outputs and decisions not simply have a conversation
  • ensure all stakeholders are engaged and have the opportunity to contribute
  • understand and share best practice
  • review what you’ve delivered and how you can improve next time
  • build successful teams, groups and networks to support business objectives

Training provides a productive environment for you and your teams to learn a new skill, update your knowledge or practice working differently.  It helps you to reach and maintain your best performance.

Training and development activities can help organisations to:

  • Build an adaptable workforce
  • Motivate and engage your staff and improve retention
  • Spot, nurture and get the best from your talent

Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends Report[1] engaged over 10,000 business leaders to conclude that organisations are not merely facing change but, “change at an accelerating rate … These shifts have changed the rules for nearly every organisational people practice, from learning to management to the definition of work itself.”  If your staff aren’t continuously reflecting, learning, innovating and improving how they work you are likely to see an impact on overall performance over time.

See what senior managers and professionals say about working with me.

National Director of Research, Grant Thornton UK LLP

 “… she has a real strength in drawing out my own ideas and decisions.”

[1] Deloitte (2017) Global Human Capital Trends, Rewriting the rules for the digital age, country report, 2.